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Miami Beyond Beach — Here’s What You Are Missing Out Out On

Miami is a fantastic place to have fun, but on the contrary, it has a rich history, too. When you visit Miami, you cannot afford to miss out on the food, clubs, outdoor sports, and historic locations. People generally come looking for homes for sale in Miami Beach due to its luxury lifestyle. It is more affordable and time-saving when you want to take advantage of the whole experience of Miami. 

Things You Cannot Afford To Miss Out On In Miami

When living in Miami, you have plenty of options to explore. Here are a few of our top recommendations.

Cultural and History 

  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a part of this historic state, which has stunning Italian gardens, and the main house is filled with art and antiques. It is located near a unique view of the Biscayne Bay. When you want to have a peaceful retreat that will offer you a glimpse into Miami’s past, this is the best place to go. Cultural and historical attractions are a significant part of Miami and a very well-known sector to explore when you are looking to get to know Miami in its entirety. 
  • Little Havana will give you the experience of the Cuban culture present in Miami. Little Havana is located in the heart of Miami, and you can enjoy a cafecito at a local cafe while walking along Calle Ocho. You will get to know so much about the vibrant heritage of Miami when you visit the galleries and shops present in the neighborhood. You can also watch a Domino’s game at Maximo Gomez Park. 
  • The beautiful part about historical landmarks is that everyone has a story about their past, but in the present, it has an entirely different story, too. The Freedom Tower, also known as the “Ellis Island of the South,” is currently home to the Miami Dade College Museum of Art and Design. 
  • On multiple occasions, it offers exhibitions that help to explore the city’s multicultural history and presence. But the fantastic part about it is that it is a historic landmark that served as a Cuban assistance center for refugees back in time. 

Food and Shopping

  • When you are in Miami, you have to explore the diverse culinary experiences of places like the Coconut Grove Organic Market, The Wharf Mini, and the Time Out Market. When you want to try the best dishes made by the best chefs in the City, these are the places you go to. 
  • These venues will offer you a range of local goods and dishes you cannot miss tasting in this lifetime. If you are a fan of fine dining, Miami has excellent options that go beyond the usual beachfront restaurants. There are places like KYU in Wynwood known for its wood-fired Asian-inspired cuisine, which is very rare in other parts of the world. 

What Are The Attraction Spots One Should Definitely Not Miss? 

Wynwood Walls: It is an outdoor museum featuring vibrant street art and paintings. This is very well known for depicting the culture and heritage of the city.

Little Havana: It is a bustling area noted for its Cuban heritage, restaurants, and Calle Ocho. It is one of the must-visit places to have a Cuban experience. Miami Design District is a district that celebrates creative fashion, design, and architecture. Bayside Marketplace is an open-air retail mall featuring restaurants and live entertainment.

homes for sale in Miami Beach
homes for sale in Miami Beach

Vizcaya Museum and grounds: A breathtaking Renaissance-style mansion with lovely grounds. The luxury, the class, and the elegance are a few words that do not do justice to this place. Also, Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is a modern and contemporary art museum that offers beachfront views. Then there is Frost Science Museum, an interactive science museum that includes a planetarium and aquarium.

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