How To Optimise Your Telehandler Use

Operating a telehandler can be hard work at times but fulfilling to complete tasks with. To ensure that those operating a telehandler on your site perform to a high and consistent standard, with safety as a priority, it is important that you provide them with a telehandler that is in tip-top condition. There are different things that you can do to ensure that this is the case, from your choice of telehandler to the maintenance and training that is performed between operational tasks and between hires. These processes can be enhanced by your choice of plant hire service and how they function alongside your operation. Here, we’ll take a look at the different things that can help to maximise output and optimise your telehandler use, no matter the purpose and specific tasks at hand that require its use.

Check the telehandler and check-in with the operator

This is important, as it gives you the time to step back and make sure that everything is in correct working order before commencing with the tasks. The telehandler must be in its best condition, fully maintained and with no issues in terms of safety and effective use of the machinery. Speaking with the operator also makes sure that they are fully trained, understand the specific model of the telehandler, and the challenges of the site and terrain that they need to be aware of.

Regular inspection

Maintain regular telehandler inspection for safety purposes. This should include any clearly visible wear and tear, and monitoring fluid levels etc. Conducting these types of inspection on a regular basis ensures that the telehandler performs at a consistent level. 

Check fluids

To maintain an optimal performance level for your telehandler you should check fluid levels and fuel grade. This will maintain the necessary levels of operation for the machine, improving efficiency. You can do this by topping up oil levels and using the best quality of fuel to keep control over costs.

Safety and performance

Poor performance and malfunction of machinery can cause accidents and injury. Safety should always be the priority when inspecting telehandlers, so always pay close attention to the small details of the telehandler. Look at the moving parts, nuts and bolts, as well as the brakes etc. 

Work with a plant hire company

Working with the best plant hire company for your needs will help you to find the correct telehandler hire for each specific project and task where telehandlers are required. To optimise your telehandler use you need to work with the correct model of telehandler for the specific tasks at hand. Alongside this, a good plant hire company will ensure that you have access to the latest models, making the most of upgraded technology for greater efficiency of task completion and the best safety standards. Your plant hire service will take care of all inspection, repair and maintenance in between hires, and provide thorough training manuals and on-site training where necessary. Everything that we mention above will be dealt with by your plant hire contact, giving you peace of mind. This tightens everything up and drives standards higher for an overall improvement in performance of your telehandler use.

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